Digital and Manual Pattern Making

Quality pattern making and grading gives a successful outcome

We have created a specific package for digital and manual pattern cutting and grading which is used by start-up businesses, established clothing companies and factories. We have highly skilled pattern cutters that work with us, all with different areas of expertise. If your garment design is complex, it is even more important to access our expertise as this sets the foundation for a successful product.

Pattern cutting services tailored to your needs.

We produce patterns in-house or out-source to carefully chosen, experienced pattern cutters. We will choose the pattern cutter with the specialism and expertise best suited to your project requirements. This ensures the patterns produced are as accurate as possible with the aim of reducing the number of adjustments that may be needed after the first sample. We always recommend the master pattern being produced in the middle size of your size range

We offer both digital and manual pattern cutting for you.

We are pleased to announce that we now also offer digital pattern cutting. A new member of our team is experienced in using digital pattern technology which speeds up the pattern cutting process considerably.  Grading is cheaper using this method, and it eliminates having to post hard patterns to the factories. Digital patterns can only be used with factories which have the capabilities of reading the files. As we want to continue to offer our clients a wider choice of factories we will use manual card patterns for the small CMT factories

Creating a grading specification to use for manufacturing.

Sampling is a very important step in the process. We cannot proceed until a sample has been produced. Often several rounds of sampling are required before the pattern is approved, at this stage we move to grading. We strongly recommend that a sample size set is then produced to approve grading.
Once the sample has been approved and signed off, a grading specification sheet can be produced. The measurements from your master pattern are increased or decreased to UK Sizing Standards to provide a set of measurements for the different sizes you will be offering in your collection. The pattern cutter will use this sheet to create the grades for each of the sizes required.

Fashion grading